About SHAMA International (FZC)

Importers and exporters of synthetic & natural rubber & chemicals, lubricants additives and its polymers.

SHAMA is a company founded in 1974 by late Mr. SHOEB E. SHUMS. The company which has a young and dynamic managerial structure, has achieved over the years a recognized importance, both on the national and international level. This has been possible with a mission to provide its customers with consistent quality polymers and rubber raw material that adhere to specification and provide economic value.


    SHAMA delivers on time every time. We have the knowledge and experience in consolidation and processing orders as our warehousing facilities are near the ports.


    The development of SHAMA is based on big Research effort, creating its own technologies, Being competitive in areas of strong innovation and good prospects.


Founder and Chairman Lt. Mr. Shoeb E. Shums receiving award from Lt. President of India Mr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed for his endless service to the Rubber Industry.